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Apply for NEXUS and travel more to Canada and the U.S.!

Do you love Canada? Or actually you like the U.S. more…? Or no, you adore both countries and that’s why you often visit them – all the time? Well, whatever you say now, we know that hardly there is someone who doesn’t like Canada and the U.S. They are really huge countries and by visiting […]

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Summer holidays in Dubrovnik? See why you should go there!

Summer holidays are our favorite topic and we daily write about them with the greatest pleasure! We love to travel and together with that to explore new places and unknown destinations. And when we have collected new impressions and exciting emotions, have no patience to share them with you – our dear readers! Stay here […]

Summer Destinations

Get inspired and visit Bulgaria – a land of roses and romance!

The country of Bulgaria is a magical place… It has amazing nature and lots of impressing sights for you to see. There you can enjoy the pleasant climate around the Black Sea coast and the picturesque forests in some of the lovely mountains! Bulgaria is a very popular tourist destination, so probably you know it […]

Summer Destinations

Croatia – romantic or ancient? Or both of them? See more here!

We have several favorite destinations in Europe that we visit every year and more specially during the summer season… Which they are and what you can find there, will learn by reading our article. Stay here and be up-to-date where the most attractive beach resorts or romantic places are. Our team from whereintheworld.co.uk wishes you […]

Winter Destinations

Visit Bulgarian’s winter resorts and experinece a real ski adventure!

Winter is almost over, but in spite of this you can go to some ski resort to experience of full value snowy vacation. Most people are already set for summer trips… But in the end of the winter season, most ski resorts offer very advantageous deals and it would be really pity if you miss […]

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Bulgaria – the perfect destination for your holiday! See why here!

Not sure where to organize your summer vacation yet? Every day you are looking for the perfect destination where to stay on a reasonable price? – Well, in our tourist blog whereintheworld.co.uk we have put together a long list of amazing resorts for you to visit and many useful advices that will help you before […]

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Our best travel tips after several years traveling the Europe!

Good evening dear readers! We wrote this article to share with all fans of getaways our “collection” of the best travel tips we have discovered during our travels! They are useful, they are proven and we are sure that they will help you in your next trip! Meanwhile, see some cheap destinations for holidaymakers! 1.You […]