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Automation of invoice processing – is it possible and how?

Nowadays, solutions like automated invoice processing are a unique way to optimize the workflow, streamline document processing, and also have a positive impact on things like company reputation and monthly expenses. For that reason, solutions like the Smart Soft’s software turns out that it is not just a recommended addition to the structure of any larger company dealing with a large volume of documents, but even a mandatory condition for the accounting department to function well.

What is the basic principle in automatic invoice processing?

Everyone knows that in the past the processing of documents of any kind was only possible in the standard, namely manual way. However, this is the company’s employees and, in addition, it was also a real prerequisite for making technical mistakes, which respectively led to monetary losses. Since technological progress has entered our daily life, intelligent solutions have also appeared, with the help of which it has become possible to automate the process of processing documents and forms.

Here it is right to say that Smart Soft’ software is among the options that small and large companies rely on with great confidence. The program is designed to make it easier for employees to work with documents, especially when their number is large – these are invoices, forms, contracts and much more. With its help, companies can manage accounting documents many times more efficiently, and this has an extremely good effect in the long term.

What else can be said on the subject? Note that such complex software solutions are subject to daily improvements because they fall into the category of smart. Smart Soft have developed products not only for processing invoices but also for forms with an unclear structure. In the second case, there is the need to effectively deal with the challenges that may arise as a result of the unpredictable structure, poor image quality, etc.

What are the features that this software offers?

This is the most important part of today’s article because we are going to tell you what the software for automatic invoice processing has to offer. Everything starts with the reception and digitization of the documents, and then comes the turn of their processing. Here are the possibilities in this case:

  • processing of paper documents – if the information is on a physical carrier, it should be converted into digital content. This happens thanks to a specially created technology that allows the efficient processing of a large volume of documents. In this case, there is a risky moment related to the poor-quality scanning of the paper documents – the program may have difficulty in opening and processing them, although the Smart Soft’ software is designed to cope with such challenges;
  • electronic invoices and emails – they, as well as the previous type of documents, can be subject to automatic processing. It happens like this: the software connects to the e-mail of the company where the documents come. for this purpose, it is best to create a separate email address to make the process even more efficient. in this way, the program monitors what the incoming mail is and captures formats of different types;
  • online submission – more and more companies are receiving documents through web portals, and this cancels the need for OCR. The result is an improvement in invoice processing speed, along with accuracy.

Smart Soft’ software for automatic invoice processing is a great solution both for large corporations with a complex structure and for smaller companies that, however, strive to optimize the process of working with documents. The trend is for this software solution to become more and more common in various niches, and the reason for this is its efficiency and multifunctionality

In which business areas it is applicable?

It is normal to wonder where exactly automated invoice processing is suitable for and is there any business area where it is not applicable. Keep in mind that it is of extremely wide application and can be used in areas such as healthcare, online commerce, services, the beauty industry and more. This is further proof that automatic invoice processing software is revolutionary for a number of reasons, the foremost of which is the improvement of the overall company image.


We have reached the end of today’s article, and here we will say that Smart Soft and the software solutions that they offer can be your company’s know-how and the best solution to the problem of the difficult organization of a large volume of documents, extra waste of valuable time for their analysis and filling, as well as the making of frequent technical errors, which are a prerequisite for the deterioration of relations with your business partners.

Be one step ahead of the rest and choose the smart solutions for your business. Rely on Smart Soft’ software and let invoice processing be as easy as child’s play from now on!