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Best Things To Do On A Day Trip From Glasgow To Dunbar

If you’re getting a taxi from Glasgow to Dunbar and hopping on a short trip, you can definitely make your experience adventurous, thrilling, and memorable. Although Glasgow is famous for its parks, museums, and history, there are still a multitude of reasons to get out of the city and explore all that you can see around. 

Taking a day trip from Glasgow to Dunbar is an excellent way to enjoy a short escape from the hustle and bustle of the city without having to travel too far. Located on the east coast of Scotland, Dunbar offers stunning views of the sea and plenty of attractions for visitors to explore. 

In this article, we share with you some of the top things to do on a day trip from Glasgow to Dunbar.

Visit John Muir Country Park

Start your day off with a visit to John Muir Country Park. This award-winning park is renowned for its natural beauty and features many walking trails, picnic areas, and beautiful gardens. Enjoy breathtaking views across the Firth of Forth estuary as you wander around this tranquil oasis – you may even spot some rare birds in their natural habitats! 

Enjoy the sun at Belhaven Beach

Next, head to Belhaven Beach – one of Britain’s most iconic beaches. Relax on the golden sands or take a stroll along the shoreline while admiring breathtaking coastal views. Keep an eye out for seals, dolphins, and other sea creatures that often can be spotted here too! 

Make your way to Broxmouth Hillfort

Once you’re done exploring Belhaven Beach, make your way over to Broxmouth Hillfort – an Iron Age fort dating back over two thousand years that today is considered a popular historical landmark that attracts thousands of visitors every year. This Iron Age hill fort dates back to the 6th century BC and features two distinct ramparts and ditches that enclose the site, as well as two entrances in the west and east. It stands atop a prominent hill overlooking picturesque views of the surrounding countryside.

Take in panoramic views of East Lothian as you climb up this historic landmark before descending down into the hollowed-out ditches surrounding it. You can also explore St Baldred’s Shrine – an ancient memorial dedicated to Saint Baldred located nearby. 

Dunbar shopping

Afterwards, why not take some time for a spot of shopping? Dunbar has numerous independent stores selling everything from local products such as handcrafted jewellery and ceramics to vintage clothing items sourced all over Europe. Spend some time browsing through these unique shops before heading out for dinner in one of Dunbar’s quaint restaurants or traditional pubs offering delicious home-cooked food crafted using locally produced ingredients – don’t forget to pair it with a locally brewed pint! 

Visit Gunsgreen House

Be sure to end your day trip with a visit to Gunsgreen House – an 18th century merchant house posing as a smuggler’s den during the early 1700s. Take part in one of their interactive tours which will take you back in time and teach you about this fascinating period in history, or simply wander around its beautifully restored rooms at your own pace and admire its original furnishings that have been carefully maintained throughout centuries! 

From breathtaking coastal views at Belhaven Beach through historic landmarks such as Broxmouth Hillfort and Gunsgreen House, there are plenty of great attractions all within easy reach when taking a day trip from Glasgow to Dunbar! So what are you waiting for? Pack your camera, grab a map (Google Maps has you sorted in today’s digital age) and get ready for an exciting adventure! 

Don’t forget to plan your trip in advance and rely on a professional and experienced taxi company for a ride that you know you can count on.