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Go to Bulgaria for having the perfect winter or summer vacation!

Need a break? Everybody needs it from time to time, but the main question is how to spend our leisure time in order to come back to our daily life filled with many positive emotions and fully rested… A holiday to some beautiful destination is the best way to forget all the problems and dynamic […]

Summer Destinations

Visit the place with unlimited possibilities – Sunny Beach resort!

Welcome in the world of pleasures and entertainments – the Sunny Beach resort! A place where everybody are free to do what they wants and how they wants, because this amazing summer resort is popular as the place with unlimited possibilities! Do not believe us? Well, the only way to convince you is to go there this summer […]

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The amazing beach resort of Golden Sands surprise every holidaymaker. See why!

Enjoy a perfect summer holiday at sea and visit Golden Sands resort, Bulgaria that is popular with its plenty of entertainments and attractions, a wide range of hotels and establishments, as well as very good location (only four hours from London and near the sea capital of Bulgaria – the city of Varna)! Bulgaria Golden […]

Summer Destinations

Visit Sozopol – the historic corner of Europe and one of most romantic summer destinations!

Do you know something about the amazing city of Sozopol in Bulgaria? Did you also know that it is one of the most romantic and inspiring places across the whole Europe? No? Well, do not worry, because it is not possible all people who want to go on holiday to know all the beautiful destinations… […]

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Explore Bulgaria and enjoy the beauty of this land!

We all need to go on vacation from time to time… No matter if outside is winter or summer, every holiday can be exciting and giving us lots of positive emotions and unforgettable memories! Of course, it is very important to be chosen a beautiful and attractive destination, so that we can have the perfect […]

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Enjoy gorgeous beaches and lots of romance by visiting the ancient city of Nessebar!

Summer season is the most expected time of the year that people who love travels and excursions wait impatiently. When outside is already warm and sun is shining, the opportunities for an exciting holiday abound, as together with that the choice of attractive destinations grows up allowing all holidaymakers to see more beautiful places and […]

Summer Destinations

A huge number of holidaymakers visit Sunny Beach resort every summer. See why!

  Thanks to its great beaches, the endless list of entertainments and excellent conditions for relaxation, Sunny Beach resort in Bulgaria is ranked as the most visited and attractive summer destination along the Black Sea coast. For many years this incredible place welcomes holidaymakers from all over the world as today it is the biggest […]

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See why Croatia is one of the most visited holiday destinations over the past few years!

Dear readers, today we would like present to you one of the most visited holiday destinations over the last few years – Croatia! This place is unique with its beautiful nature, interesting landmarks and various entertainments! There you can find all you need for an unforgettable stay – from history to beaches, from night life […]

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Golden Sands resort – the summer destination for your perfect holiday at sea!

Winter is here… Outside is cold and most people are thinking about where to go for a ski vacation /Probably you are one of them, right? /. But everybody knows that time is ticking away and the summer will come imperceptibly… For this reason you have to start looking for destination where to spend your […]

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Organize your summer or winter holiday in the unique country of Bulgaria!Read this!

If you want to go on a holiday and need to escape from the usually routine, it is not important if outside is cold winter or hot summer, because everybody who is enthusiastic to experience new adventures will find the right place for its so desired and long-awaited vacation… However, we are completely convinced that […]