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Enjoy a romantic holiday by visiting the beautiful city of Nessebar in Bulgaria!

Do you know that somewhere out there, there is a magical place where you can organize your next summer vacation? If you are a connoisseur of the beauty and have a romantic spirit, then you are on the right place /keep reading :)/… is the travel portal where you will find a lot of information […]

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The ancient city of Sozopol – a place worth be seen!

Hello there!! It is a huge pleasure for us to be with our dear readers again! We from love to share with all the fans of holidays and adventures interesting facts related to the tourism and the beautiful places where to go for having an exciting vacation!! Recently, more and more people are interested […]

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Pure water, amazing fine sands with golden color, many attractions and entertainments – See the Golden Sands resort!

Planning to visit some amazing sea resort this summer? Maybe you cannot wait to come the time when you have to pack up and embark on an exciting adventure? Well, the truth is that time flies and you wont notice when it is already summer… Meanwhile, you can check ones again where is the perfect […]

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Bulgaria – the country where you will find all the conditions for your fulfilling holiday!

Everyone needs to go to some beautiful place where to spend a fulfilling time far from the daily routine and problems. Everyone should get away from time to time away from the monotonous life in the big city, in order to relax in some wonderful and different place… This place can be the lovely country […]

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The amazing city of Nessebar – the perfect place for your fulfilling relaxation!

Recently more and more people prefer to organize their holiday in some quiet and beautiful place, that is remote from the clamor of the big city. This is normal considering the busy daily round of the people /stress at work, family duties, care of the children and so on /. The truth is that, yes, […]

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Why you have to visit the amazing city of Sozopol! See here

Do you love the romance…? Are you still wondering where to go with your beloved one during the summer season? Maybe you have many questions about what is that holiday destination combining all the necessary conditions to be your vacation of full value? The most common questions related to the choice of summer destination are: […]

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Sunny beach resort – the perfect place for fans of entertainments, night life and sea tourism.

Sunny beach resort – the perfect place for the fans of entertainment, night life and sea tourism. A place where you can experience a lot of unforgettable moments and positive emotions, as well as enjoy the beautiful sands, nice hotels and good restaurants that offer delicious Bulgarian cuisine. Famous for being the most rapidly developing […]

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Experience your fairy tale by visiting Romania!

All we need is… travelling? Yes, yes and again yes! I am absolutely convinced of the meaning of these words, because as a big fan of adventures and exploration of new places, I know what the feeling when I travel is. Everybody knows that the places you can go are really various, but it can […]

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А holiday in Bulgaria is one good choice for everyone!

Bulgaria is situated in Southeastern Europe and due to its location it becomes a country with very good conditions for a development of each kind of tourism: sea, mountain, rural, ecological etc. Click here for Bulgaria holiday to see more information regarding this beautiful country. Visiting Bulgaria, the foreign tourists will be able to enjoy a […]