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Top reasons why it is time to go on a holiday to Croatia – part three!

We are back! And this time we will continue with our great series for the amazing country of Croatia and why you must visit it at least once!! If you follow our articles and the daily information we share with you about tourist destinations, perhaps you remember that we got to reason number 7 why it is time to organize your holidays croatia…Don’t be impatient, because we won’t lose your time and are starting with reason 8 right now!

Reason number 8: one of the most motivating reasons that will make you quickly to pack up and catch a plane to Croatia – the incredible cultural and music festivals that are conducted during the summer season (from July until August) and that attract huge crowds of music fans and world-famous performers. They are open air, as the most popular festivals in Croatia are: the love international festival (Tisno), the dimensions festival (Fort Punta Christo) and the lovely outlook festival (also in Fort Punta Christo)!


Reason number 9: Croatia has wonderful party cities that you will come to love in the very first moment! The towns of Hvar and Rab are the places perfect for you to go in case you like to stay out late…

Reason number 10: the captivating Zadar (north Dalmatia) that is hiding magnificent old city worthy of your attention! Take time off to visit this enchanting place and will see that it is really impressing – Romanesque beautiful churches, the breathtaking Varazdin built in the 18th century in baroque style etc.

Reason number 11: All lovers of the exquisite dolphins will be happy with the chance to see a real pod of these adorable creatures around the coast of west Istria – be with wide-open eyes, because for just one moment you can miss this inspiring view!

Reason number 12: The tasty food! Who doesn’t love delicious food and who doesn’t want to try something different? Istria is ranked as one of the testiest areas in Europe, as there you can enjoy the caressing the palate truffles (black and white), as well as to try high-qualitative oil of olives and great wine!