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You are about whereintheworld.co.uk – the best tourist blog for holidays on the Balkan Peninsula!

With our blog, we would like to help people find the right place for their summer or winter vacations, as well as to give them useful and practical tips related to every escape!

The main reason for creating this site is to share with you our interesting stories, the most exciting moments we have experienced and the biggest challenges we met during our travels. And in case you love impressive stories too, be our regular readers!

You are big fans of excursions and dream of seeing more and more beautiful destinations? – Well, that means you are one of us – people who are crazy about journeys… And the only thing we want to say at the present moment is to stop dreaming and start doing!

By reading our blog, you will understand that you do not have to be rich to travel, or to save money too long to afford a one-week break. In whereintheworld.co.uk there is a long list of budget-friendly destinations, as well as family-friendly resorts and great travel deals! You will also find many guidelines of how to reach your destination and how to optimally use your time while on vacation!

Every getaway will give you many emotions – from unexpected surprises and varied challenges to life-changing adventures along the way. But if we all know what can happen at any time, it would be a bit boring right? But nevertheless, we believe that to be every vacation truly memorable and enjoyable, you need to be informed just a little bit about the destination you are visiting (transport, accommodation, sights, prices etc.). And that is our mission – to make you be well up before you hit the road!

Now it is time to tell you in short what you’ll find in our blog. We have created several categories for your optimal convenience, so that by clicking on any of them, you will see many interesting articles related to the category you have chosen:

Summer Destinations – here we publish all our posts about summer holidays and destinations. You will learn where the cheapest and most attractive places along the seaside are, as well as how to travel better and safe!

Winter Destinationssee where the most amazing ski resorts are, what they offer and what to do in case you are not ski enthusiasts, but love the snow and still want to go on a winter vacation in the mountain.

Spring Destinationsthis wonderful season allows us to go both to the mountain and the sea, as well as to spend an incredible spring vacation in some small village. See our proposals!

Fall Destinationsthe most picturesque season of the year. It is perfect for getaways among the nature and even in some summer resort when the prices are much lower and the atmosphere is not so dynamic like at the height of the season.

Other Poststhis category is specially created to be published some interesting articles on many different topics: home, different tips and advices, tourism, daily round etc.

Finally, we would like to tell all our readers that our blog wouldn’t be the same without you… We’ll be glad if you share with us your personal stories and impressions. And if you have some questions, just email us. Thanks for reading!