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Anal fissures and hemorrhoids: can it get any worse

Hemorrhoids are a terrible thing. They are painful, difficult to treat and easily transform into chronic ones. That is exactly why it is good to start treating them as soon as the first symptoms of their presence appear. Natural herbaceous hemorrhoids ointment is one of the options we could bet on when it comes to fissures, external and internal inflammation of blood vessels in the rectal area.

How to recognize hemorrhoids

herbaceous hemorrhoids ointment

90% of people have had hemorrhoids at least once in their life. Such statistics should not surprise you at all – modern life is dynamic, it is associated with eating on the go and with a lack of movement, which logically leads not only to digestive problems, but also to rectal. The appearance of external and internal hemorrhoids (and sometimes both) is a logical consequence, which in order to avoid, we must change our habits and pay more attention to our health.

Anyway, the standard symptoms for the presence of hemorrhoids are pain, itching and bleeding. Before start using the natural hemorrhoids ointment, first determine which species it is and then plan treatment. For the record, the external ones are the most painful, as they can be felt with the hand – they represent an inflamed blood vessel in a round shape, which can be of different sizes.

Very often, external hemorrhoids appear around the anus, which leads to extreme discomfort and deterioration of the quality of life. The internal ones are also not to be underestimated, as there is no visible manifestation here – their existence is usually doubted after defecation, when there are traces of blood on the toilet paper. If you notice such appearances, do not hesitate to call your doctor and consult. Use of natural ointment is also recommended.

Is there any way to protect ourselves from them

First of all, it is important to know what causes hemorrhoids to appear. This will help us to protect ourselves from them and not to reach chronic conditions as well. At the first time, the constipation should be removed – it is one of the most common causes of external and internal hemorrhoids which can literally turn our daily lives upside down. Here’s what else we can do to protect ourselves from external and internal hemorrhoids:

  • drinking lots of water – the more the better for our overall health. Cells live in an aqueous environment, which means that we must drink at least 2 liters of water a day to protect ourselves from hemorrhoids and not only;
  • consumption of food rich in fiber – in this way we will improve the metabolism and have good peristalsis. It is very important to eat foods rich in fiber, not packaged products, the composition of which is not good at all. Fatty meats and pastry are also not recommended if you have hemorrhoids. Replace them with more fruits, vegetables and nuts;
  • more physical activity – people who do sports and move a lot suffer less often from external and internal hemorrhoids. This is scientifically proven, so consider starting to go to the gym and improve your physical form. This will not only help you to have a good tone and a beautifully shaped body, but also the chance of suffering from rectal diseases will be significantly lowered;
  • wearing comfortable underwear – tight underwear made of synthetic materials is not at all recommended when it comes to preventing hemorrhoids. Bet on panties or briefs made of cotton, which will provide you with the necessary softness, comfort and freedom of movement;
  • reducing caffeine and cigarettes – bad habits sooner or later show their impact… Rectal diseases are among the possible scenarios if you abuse nicotine and caffeine. Reduce their intake so that you do not have to use hemorrhoid ointment often;
  • less stress and more positive emotions – say that stress and tension are the main reasons for the occurrence of diseases such as hemorrhoids. Try to bring more peace into your daily life and enjoy it.

There is no exact recipe to prevent hemorrhoids – they can attack any person. However, we can always make efforts to improve our health, which will greatly reduce the risk of their occurrence. The use of natural ointment as prevention and at the first symptoms is also a very good practice.

Which people are most at risk

There are several groups of people where the chance of getting hemorrhoids is significantly higher: pregnant women, drivers, elderly people and office workers. If you often suffer from constipation, then the probability of acquiring rectal diseases is also significant.

Check this out and consider what can be done to insure yourself against the onset of this extremely unpleasant disease. If it is already there, buy a natural ointment like Bene Pura USA and touch the power of nature. It is good to consult your doctor to make sure that this treatment would be suitable for you.