Summer Destinations

Golden Sands resort – the summer destination for your perfect holiday at sea!

Winter is here… Outside is cold and most people are thinking about where to go for a ski vacation /Probably you are one of them, right? /. But everybody knows that time is ticking away and the summer will come imperceptibly… For this reason you have to start looking for destination where to spend your summer vacation somewhere at sea.

No doubts, in Europe there are many beautiful places where you can go for having an exciting holiday with your family, but you will waste a lot of time searching on internet and hoping to find the best offer as soon as possible…


Well, we have good news for you! Today we are going to inform you about one of most beautiful and attractive summer destination on the Balkan Peninsula and this is the amazing resort of Golden Sands, that is located in the well-known country of Bulgaria. This incredible tourist complex is only 18 km far from the sea capital – the city of Varna and is popular worldwide as a place rich of picturesque nature and great conditions for summer entertainments!! Due to the fact that Golden Sands is located near the natural park of Golden Sands, over the years the resort is highly developed and today you can find over 100 hotels that welcomes a huge number of holidaymakers every summer! The hotel base is very well maintained, while you will enjoy the diversity of tourist services and good customer treatment /in Golden Sands there are lots of good restaurants, modern night bars and you will have all that you need for a comfortable holiday and fulfilling relaxation…/.

Even the most demanding tourist will be satisfied, because Golden Sands resort is that place where you will find not only perfect conditions for sunbathing, but an incredible environment and pleasant atmosphere too! Maybe you don’t know that being in this lovely holiday destination you will have the chance to enjoy many various species of plants and animals… Well, have in mind that Golden Sands is not the typically summer resort – it is something more… If you are fan of the nature, romance and calmness, go to this wonderful place this summer! Go there and experience unforgettable moments, many positive emotions and be sure that you will never forget your stay at Golden Sands resorts!