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Ski resort of Bansko, Bulgaria – a whole world of snowy adventures! Click here for more!

Bansko – the place for you to go in case you want to enjoy the varied winter sports that the mountain offers. An incredible ski resort that deservedly is ranked on the top positions among all the European winter destinations! In Bansko is quite cheap, as the family-friendly conditions allow you to have a pleasant and very exciting vacation – this amazing resort is perfectly suited for holidaymakers from all ages, while the professional ski school in Bansko is the best option for you to become intermediate or even advanced in skiing.

If you do not understand Bulgarian (that is quite normal), you won’t have any difficulties with the communication, because from the ski coaches to the staff in the restaurant and the chambermaid in your hotel – all they speak English (very nice, right)!


Bansko has excellent ski runs (the longest ones), captivating and picturesque nature that will impress you with its snowy hills, breathtaking views and unique landscapes deserving to be painted by every artist…

Yes, the nature is really gorgeous because the Pirin is one of the most majestic and rich with many lakes and rivers mountains! And even if you miss the ski season, can go there during the spring or summer when everything is green and you can make long march, rock climbing or just to relax over the sun and among incredible environment!

But how to reach Bansko? Well, when you decide to hit do road to this amazing place, should know several important facts regarding the transportation:

-the resort of Bansko is located 160 km away from the Bulgarian’s capital – Sofia and the easy way to go to the resort after your arrival in the city is to book on the Internet a private transfer or to rent a car that you can use throughout the whole vacation (the prices are very good and to hire some car for one week won’t cost you too much)!

-another good option for you to reach Bansko is to take a bus from Sofia, as this kind of transportation is also very comfortable and easy way for movement. Take some taxi from the airport and go to central bus station of Sofia where you will be kindly guided by the people working there! The transfer from Sofia to Bansko is 3 hours by bus and you will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful views during the trip…

traveling by train (our favorite one) is the perfect option for those who don’t like to sit in one place, as well as who want to smoke or go to the toilet…