Winter Destinations

Visit Bulgarian’s winter resorts and experinece a real ski adventure!

Winter is almost over, but in spite of this you can go to some ski resort to experience of full value snowy vacation. Most people are already set for summer trips… But in the end of the winter season, most ski resorts offer very advantageous deals and it would be really pity if you miss the chance to get some of the attractive travel proposals that the winter hotels have!

In countries like Bulgaria, there are some mountain places where the snow is still abounding and that is the reason why many ski resorts work till the end of April… They still welcome many holidaymakers and still work at full steam! And although it is already March, you are still able to experience the winter vacation of your dreams.

bulgaria skiing holidays

Not accidentally we have mentioned the country of Bulgaria… It is an amazing land where you will find great ski resorts and excellent conditions for practicing of many attractive winter sports. It is also very cheap destination and the foreign tourists love to go to there for both winter and summer holidays.

Winter resorts in Bulgaria where you can ski or snowboarding are several as each of them is beautiful, cheap and offers perfect conditions for recreation and having lots of fun. And now we are going to listed them in order to help you be more aware regarding Bulgaria as a winter destination…

Most famous ski resorts in this lovely land are Pamporovo, Borovets and Bansko. Each of them is incredible with its beautiful nature, pleasant environment and conditions for you to spend a memorable vacation. And if you looking for ski destination suitable for families with children, without any doubts you can organize your stay in some of the winter resorts of Bulgaria!

Bansko, Borovets as well as Pamporovo are perfectly designed for all those tourists who have no experience in skiing and in the other winter sports as well. Be informed that whichever of the ski resorts in Bulgaria you want to visit, will find great ski runs that are distributed according to the skills of every visitor – beginners, intermediate and advanced!

Thus, you will be able to learn in ski among suitable and peaceful environment. Have also in mind that in Borovets, Pamporovo and Bansko, there are great ski schools available where you can get several professional and very useful lessons! Coaches who will train you are well-known for its special common touch, high professionalism and good literacy in English.

Together with that, your kinds are also welcome in the ski schools of Bulgarian’s winter resorts. The youngest skiers can make their first steps in skiing as well as to enjoy the kind attitude of coaches – all the trainers love children and with the greatest pleasure will help them to become good in winter sports!

Hotels and restaurants in the three ski resorts of Bulgaria are just so varied and awesome like the ski slopes. You can stay in a cozy, hotel room, as well as to dine in excellent restaurant and all this you can have it for less!

There (Borovets, Bansko, Pamporovo) is a plenty of modern accommodations, as you can make a choice between hotels with lower categorization (in case you have a tinny budget) and such that are more luxuries and suitable for solvent holidaymakers.

As a final, we would like to point out that being on a ski holiday in some of the amazing mountain resorts of Bulgaria, you can also try their incredible night life… There are many attractive and modern night establishments where the party is guaranteed, while the variety of beverages is simply impressing. Together with that, you will also enjoy very low prices but in the same time high quality and good services.