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Why you have to visit the amazing city of Sozopol! See here

Do you love the romance…? Are you still wondering where to go with your beloved one during the summer season? Maybe you have many questions about what is that holiday destination combining all the necessary conditions to be your vacation of full value? The most common questions related to the choice of summer destination are: “Where there are nice hotels on a good price”, or “How to choose a place where I can enjoy beautiful sands and relaxation, but in the same to have a lot of fun?”. Yes, difficult questions, right?sozopol_stari_grad_23

Today we are going to present to you the lovely city of Sozopol! This unique place is located on a small Peninsula and is the oldest city on the Black See /Rich of interesting history, well-preserved archaeological monuments and landmarks, this place will impress you with its beauty and wonderful atmosphere! As we have already mentioned the romance, we would like to pay attention to this important part of every holiday – the breathtaking sea sunsets, cozy restaurants located right in front of the sea, that offer delicious seasonal specialties are only small part of all the benefits that Sozopol has when it comes to beauty and romance… If you are a fan of the old houses, small cobblestone streets, then be ready to see many of them during your summer holiday in Sozopol /Lots of painters and artists find their inspiration exactly in this place…/.

Near the city there is one of the biggest sea cities in Bulgaria – the city of Burgas, that is 35km far from Sozopol. If you have not been there before, you can visit Burgas and your stay will become even more interesting and exciting, for sure…

Modern hotels, dynamic nightlife, romantic atmosphere and lots of entertainments both on the beaches and in the city are the reason why you have to visit this amazing summer destination!

Do not hesitate to organize your summer holiday in the lovely city of Sozopol – we guarantee that you will never forget the time spend on this place. We are also sure, that you will come back there for more…