Winter Destinations

Borovets is perfect for winter sports, recreation and entertainment. See this!

Borovets is one of the largest and oldest resorts in Bulgaria, which is known for its clean air and favorable weather conditions. That makes it perfect for winter sports, recreation and entertainment.  more offers for Borovets for you and your family.

For the people who wish to spend time among the dense pine forests and very clean air, Borovets is a really good decision. The location of Borovets is at 1350 meters above the see level, on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain and is also the closest resort to the city of Sofia /the capital of Bulgaria/. The climate here is very nice – mild winters with lots of snow and the ski season starts from December to April.bulgaria1

If you want to feel and see the full beauty of Borovets, you have to visit it obligatory during the winter season. Then you can enjoy the beautiful snow views and that will leave in your mind an irreplaceable memory.

Over the years Borovets is developed as a modern, offering a wide range of entertainment resort. This makes it a favorite ski destination by the tourists. As is very well equipped for winter sports, it annually attracts and welcomes a large number of tourists.

The ski runs are with a different degree of difficulty and length, as their total area is 45 kilometers and is located in three regions. Borovets is also hosts of sport events and the track for biathlon is one of the best in Europe.

During the stay in the mountain resort the tourists can hire an equipment to practice winter sports as well as to take advantage of the opportunity to receive some lessons in skiing and snowboarding.

One of the best ski schools is precisely in Borovets and therefore it regularly has good reviews from visitors.

If due to warm weather there is not a real snow, a special equipment provides an artificially snow.

The resort offers accommodation in modern hotels, shops, restaurants, discos and lifts.

As for the nightlife in the resort, there are plenty of restaurants / bars, cafes, discos and others. /, which makes it a desirable destination for young people who want to combine relaxation with entertainment. The prices are also very good regarding a food, drinks, a hotel accommodation and entertainment. Visiting Borovets, you can feel the Bulgarian culture and folklore, but meanwhile you will enjoy modern music in some of the attractive bars on the territory of Borovets.