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Skiing in Bansko is the best Value Winter Holiday in 2016/2017.

The Bulgarian city of Bansko provides the best conditions, resources and potential for realization of a ski vacantion to the guests from UK. Pursuant to the yearly Trip Advisor the beautiful resort is rated as а desirable and preffered destination number one for a mountain tourism, as this classification is based on the survey of the freelance company named Ipsos MORI. Among 42 destinations offering ski holidays and mountaint tourism, our city of Bansko is ranked first in sales and profit in area of Skiing. So, skiing in Bansko is really amazing and once in a lifetime experience.statiunea_bansko_-_una_din_partii

The resort is famous for its unique and compelling nature, as well as for the breathtaking landscapes, which you can see walking on the many of ecopaths and tourism routes.

The Pirin Mountains wherein is situated the city of Bansko, is located in southwestern Bulgaria, as the resort is nestled just at the foot surrounded by dense forests and landmarks.

WhereintheWorld – Travel Blog and Guide recommend you to see Bansko offers in the major sites, for more information and consultation. You can send us an e-mail too with your suggestion of offers. There are many packages for beginners and advanced ski lovers, so please feel free to contact us!

A stay of seven days for four people in the attractive city of Bansko, that includes skiing on the snowy runs with a hotel accommodation, all the additional survices like: daily food menu, alcohlic and non-alcoholic beverages, extras for skiers /rent, courses and more/,  will cost you several times cheaper than some other famous mountain resorts across the world.


Approximately the required sum for a ski holiday in Bansko will be £1,279, as the Switzerland’s Zermatt which is on the top of the expensive mountain resorts offers the price of £4,809 for the same type of vacantion and survices. So the price diference is huge! Do not think about it, go to Bansko and save money … this is the best advice we can give you…

Stay tuned for part two! All best WhereintheWorld BLOG!

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