Winter Destinations

Lots of fun, ski adventures and dynamic night life – Yes, this is the attractice Pamporovo resort!

Lots of fun, ski adventures, dynamic night life and many other factors make Pamporovo resort so desirable destination by the tourists from all over the world. Located in the Bulgarian Rodopi mountain, at 1926m elevation above sea level, Pamporovo is the biggest resort in this area.

If you have not been there before, but you are fan of the winter sports, cozy restaurants with delicious food, then put on your jacket, book a hotel and go to this remarkable mountain resort!


If you are a family man and would like to make glad your wife and children, then do not hesitate to arrange your winter trip to the beautiful Pamporovo. We can guarantee, that you will be highly charmed by the effective winter environment and the possibilities for skiing, for both children and adults. Besides, there are many of SPA centers, where you and your beloved ones will have the chance to feel the relaxing effect of the varied procedures. For the smaller kids, there are children pools on your disposal, so you don’t have to worry about their fulfilling stay in Pamporovo. Except an entertainment in the swimming pools, there are also many different ways your child to has fun /children playgrounds, sledges, ski-schools, kindergarten etc./.

Arriving in the mountain resort Pamporovo, you will note a lot of ski-runs, lifts, people coasting down a hill and the ringing laughter of an entertaining tourists. There is a great diversity of opportunities in order to spend you winter holiday in the best way possible.

Speaking of diversity, mention may here be made of the destinations near Pamporovo, where you can enjoy a magnetic nature and many of remembering landmarks.

For example, some of the most famous sights in the Rhodope Mountains are: “The Wonderful Bridges”, “Belintash”, “The Elephant” Rock Phenomenon, The Yagodina Cave, and many others.

Indisputable is the fact, that the attractive mountain resort Pamporovo becomes one of the most desirable winter destination from year to year. In the Year 2014, 2015 and 2016, the resort has sent annual reports, proving the huge interest on the part of the tourists.

So, if you haven’t been sure till now where to go during your leave of absence, we are hoping with this information to make easier your choice for a snowy holiday.