Winter Destinations

Make your dream winter holiday a reality by visiting Bulgaria!

Most people associate the winter season with long, boring, cold days and with the impossibility to have fun like in the summer. In fact, you can have a great time during the winter months, as well as see how wonderful nature can be, covered up with fluffy snow.

Winter is strikingly beautiful and being in some of the mountains in Bulgaria, you will feel a great intellectual feast, for sure. This county offers a vast range of opportunities, in order for your dream winter holiday to become a reality. Escape from the daily troubles and routine, by visiting some of the attractive winter resorts in Bulgaria. If you are not a fan of skiing, or of the other winter sports, do not worry! There are many mountain resorts, providing the holidaymakers with a lot of fun and calmness, at the same time. Yes, this is not some kind of a „pipe dream “, this is real.


Of late years, more and more people are interested in rural and alternative tourism. They prefer to visit some of the small, pretty and colorful nooks of Bulgaria, discovering how much richness they are hiding.

Typical for this type of Bulgarian destinations is the silence that you can feel while walking along the small alleys. During the winter season, the atmosphere in these incredible places is really charming.

You will see reeking chimneys on each house, as the smell of the firewoods creates an unique mood and the feeling of coziness in everyone. It sounds wonderful, right? More wonderful is, however, you and your family, or friends to be in some of the typically Bulgarian taverns, trying the traditional, local dishes and beverages. Together with that, you will have the pleasure to listen to the Bulgarian folklore music, and maybe even join in the dance /the Bulgarian horo/.

We will try to be of help with your choice of winter mountain resorts, listing some of them: Govedarci resort /The Rila mountains/, Elena Balkan, Arbanasi /5km from the city of Veliko Tarnovo/, Bojentsi /The Stara Planina mountains/, Zlatograd /The Rhodope mountains/ etc.

Wherever you go, be sure, that you will go back there again!

As for the hotel accommodation, take into account that these mountain resorts are full of old guesthouses and by staying there, you will touch the Bulgarian history and interesting culture.