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Skiing in Bansko is the best Value Winter Holiday in 2016/2017. – part two!

In our part one we discover the best value winter holiday for season 2016/2017. See here, now we will continue with this topic, because we had a lot of questions in our e-mail box, so let’s what you asked us!

According to the independent research by TripIndex conducted last year, definitely the trip for Ski Bulgaria Bansko is not the most cheapest ski resort across the Europe, but infact for one year the necessary functional resources for a trip of the Pirin Mountain are lowered to £352. This is a very good news and helpful information for the holidaymakers, especially for those who are fans of the ski and mountain tourism and who are decided to spend a week among the lovely Bulgarian nature and environment.

At the same time the Switzerland’s Zermatt rapidly going up /several positions upward / in relation to the price and even shifted from the the top of the rankings Austria’s St. Anton, which was set for the most expensive destination.statiunea_bansko_-_una_din_partii

In 2015 there was investigated 42 ski European resorts by TripAdvisor’s TripIndex as the aim was to be cross-checked the prices to each other, based on few indicators: stay in a hotel, courses in skiing, rental of ski equipment and facilities, food /full board/ and variety of bavarages. All this components are considered referring to the four person family, as the nalysis concerns the period from 15.12.2015 till 15.04.2016.

Other destinations with a low price regarding to the above services, offered to the guests are Russia, Slovenia, Sochi, Kranjska Gora and of course our city of Bansko, to which we are very proud. All this countries including Bulgaria are ranked in the classifying of the six most cheap places for holiday with skiing and relaxation in nature.

An interesting fact is that the French hotel “Val Thorens” offers a seven-day accomodation and additional survices for the sum of  £3,091 and this makes it the most expensive place for holidaymakers practicing skiing.

You can see yourself that the price level varies greatly with respect to the different destinations and the contrast is really huge.

For exaple a booking of an accommodation in city of  Bansko, as well as food, drinks, additional survices etc. amounted only to £636 and this total is for 7 days.You can be in this Bulgarian resort, famous whit its beaty, relaxed ambience and at the same time offering a number of entertainments for 30 days, but the price will be many times lower than some other mauntain resorts.

On the other hand the equipments is also very important part of your ski adventure including the price.In this train of toughts, Bansko is again the best option for equipment’ provision at an affordable price as the resort provides to the quests a rental of different ski aids / boots, poles and skis/ just for £125.The price for 7 days ski pass for four people family is only £214.The same survices are provided to the guests, skiing in the Swiss resort of Zermatt for £880 and this fact makes this destination the most expensive versus the other 41 studied ski resorts. Verbier in France is also one of the most expensive tourist places, where you can hire skis and ski equipment. The amount totaled to £450.