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Whereintheworld presents: Choose your hotel in Bulgaria wisely. Part four.

Hello again, in our part two and three we show you the luxury of the three major winter season hotels in Bulgaria – Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, we explane what are the advantages of all of them and which is the best fit for you, or your family. Touring sites offers very cheap ski Bulgaria packages we like a lot Balkan Holidays and Tomson touring sites. So check them out, we think that you will find some of the hotels in our list – there in offer list. So let’s start with our best value budget hotels.


We start with Hotel Perelik, located in Pamporovo. First of all this is the only winter hotel in whole Pamporovo that offers all – inclusive packages. The all – inclusive packages are great for winter touring families or couples, because they will NOT spend many Euros in the things in the exact hotel. You pay the All-Inclusive price and that’s it. No more charges. You can serve you lunch in the mountain, even… So looking for amazing budget option in the great resort of Pamporovo – this is the place.

Hotel Flora, located in Borovets. This amazing hotel is very close to the resort centre, only like 3-5 minutes on walk. The lifts and the ski schools /if you are a beginner you have to check them out!/ are very, very close too. Almost everything is good in term of pricing, you have fitness room, sauna, indoor and outdoor poll and so on… The alcohol is very cheap, beer is 1 eur and whiskey is 1 euro too.81506

So these are the best budget option hotels that we find it is worth it… other have some negative reviews and comments, so we do not want to disappoint you all with some not so good hotel. We think that Perelik is amazing choose, you can even go to Pamporovo only for the price reasons in this hotel and don’t look back again… So see ya all very soon again – WhereIntheWorld travel blog!

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