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Experience your fairy tale by visiting Romania!

All we need is… travelling? Yes, yes and again yes! I am absolutely convinced of the meaning of these words, because as a big fan of adventures and exploration of new places, I know what the feeling when I travel is. Everybody knows that the places you can go are really various, but it can also take a long time to find the prefect destination for a dream holiday. Right…?

So is the website where you can find more information about many interesting and exciting destinations. In this train of thoughts, here comes the question what could be better than a fulfilling holiday on some beautiful place? Well, the answer is: a holiday in Romania!zdiar1

Whenever you visit this amazing country, you will be fascinated and charmed by its beauty and history /stories about princesses, legends of castles and mysterious creatures are also part of the things that make Romania such a visited and desired destination by the holiday lovers/. We can say a lot about this place, because there are hundreds of attractions and landmarks that can be seen, as some of them are: the incredible city of Sinaia and Peles Castle, Transylvania with its amazing houses just like in the fairy tales, the romantic city of Brashov, Bran village with the castle there /the legend of Graf Drakula/ and of course the majestic Carpathian Mountains!

Beautiful churches, well-preserved ancient buildings and a variety of architectural styles are the main reason why the atmosphere in Romania is so incredible, so romantic and so amazing…

If you need a short break during your round tour, you can visit some of the local restaurants in order to try the traditional Romanian cuisine /some of the most famous dishes in the country are: Mamaliga, Mici  /meat rolls/ and pizza! Yes, pizza – there are a lot of restaurants that offer typically Italian food…/.

If you prefer to organize your holiday in Romania when the weather outside is warm /in both summer and spring/, you will have the pleasure to see breathtaking views of the lovely nature in this land – flowers everywhere, greenery of which you can’t take your eyes off and the bright sun, illuminating the fabulous houses and castles…

It is hard to describe all the beauty that Romania is hiding, but we assure you that your trip will be worth it, so hurry up and visit this place as soon as possible!