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Whereintheworld presents: Choose your hotel in Bulgaria wisely. Part three.

In our series of tips for choosing top luxury hotel or top budget hotel with great value we are presenting you our knowledge and research in the hotel area. We ask many people for recommendations about this hotel. Many of you ask us to give them some touring site that they can book and save a lot for Bansko winter ski holiday you can check. For other winter resorts we cannot provide with exact best prices right now… We do not want to lead you somewhere where it is offering good deals. So let’s continue with our luxury hotels.

Premier Luxury Resort in Bansko is one of the most attractive hotels in whole resort of Bansko. If you are not big fan of huge palaces, this is your hotel. The Premier Resort is a important member of the elite group of hotel chains called “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”.

One of the best things here is the food quality is very, very high, just like Lucky Bansko. As we mention in our part one, the most of the modern places to stay /Hotels/ are in Bansko.


Hotel Orlovetz and Hotel Alpin – Alpin Villas are hotels located in the heart of Pamporovo winter holiday resort. They are in the centre of Pamporovo and this is big advantage, because you are very close to restaurants and bars, for nightlife experiences… Hotel Orlovetz is in the exact centre, Alpin is like 2-3 minutes on foot to get there. Alpin great advantage is that is way quieter and peaceful luxury hotel. The other cool thing is that is perfect for families and companies that are way more than 7-8 people. There is enough room for everybody.

The food in both hotels is top quality and the service is way more than average. If you are beginner and decide to go to Pamporovo holiday with your family choose Alpin, if you are with your wife only or girlfriend/boyfriend and you love party and night life, choose Orlovetz. This is our suggestions for luxury hotels in Pamporovo.

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See next part, where we discover together the best value budget hotels out there…