Winter Destinations

Whereintheworld presents: Choose your hotel in Bulgaria wisely. Part one.

In this amazing series we will try cover all types of hotels in Bulgaria, but only for winter ski holidays. So we will cover the three major winter resorts in this small, but full of surprises country – Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo.We – are detirment to provide you with the best content and point you in the right direction. This article is for this.

If you are beginner in ski/snowboarding you will probably go to Pamporovo skiing and visit one of the coolest schools with these amazing instructors and learn how to ski or snowboarding. If you are more advanced, you will probably choose one of these Borovets and Bansko.

But ski is one thing, to choose hotel is whole another story, right? We will try our best to present you a handful of selected hotels that you can afford, if you are limit in budget and we also try to rank the luxury – high end hotels too, so let’s start!


If you are looking for cheap, great value hotels you will probably visit Borovets, there in one of the hotel you can drink beer in under 1 euro! The SPA procedures are very cheap too, you can get very good massage with hot stones in around 30 Euros, these prices are from Hotel Samokov, we make this example to compare easily with UK prices for massages.

If you are in London it will cost you around 90 Euros to get this massage and you will be in the basement not in some nice hotel, right? So in theory you can spend like one third of your money, prepared for SPA in UK-London in Bulgaria SPA hotels, quite a deal, right? In our next part we will introduced you the luxury hotels list, where we investigate the best of the best SPA and treatment. You will find out a little known thinks like the kids playroom in one of the hotels, also you will get the actual prices and introduced to cheaper offers for you or your family, so stay tuned!

All best, WhereInTheWorld travel blog!