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CheckThem – search public records!

Just one click and you find all the information about someone! Welcome in checkthem.com – the best place for people search where you can learn interesting facts about the neighbor you know infrequently or about your new boyfriend/girlfriend you like so much, but are not 100% that he/she has a clear criminal record!

Now you can know everything for everyone

Now you have the chance to check both a phone number and the past of someone. If you are seized by doubts and more than everything would like to make sure that some new acquaintance is safe, do not hesitate and take advantage of the paid services of CheckThem!


Why you should pay for such a service?

We are used to search in Google for information. And even that it is the biggest search engine in the world, can’t provide you with the full and detailed information you need. But when using checkthem.com, you will have an easy access to millions online public records that will reveal the truth to some… If you suspect someone in a crime, or just would like to learn more about him, the popular social media won’t help you. You need something different. You need or to hire a detective to keep a sharp the suspect, or to use checkthem.com for a fee. The choice is yours but tell us: will not it be easier to simply click on the net?

From time to time we receive phone calls we do not pay special attention to. We think that this is another call to advertise to us and are not worried about our safety at all. BUT – if there is a catch and suddenly you find yourselves trapped? What you are going to do? Will turn off your mobile phone to be sure that next time you won’t receive such dangerous calls? And your loved ones – should they also forget about technology?

Of course, not! There is an easier way for you to protect yourself and your loved ones. It is called Checkthem and it will work for you 24-hours-a-day! Except phone number and criminal records, you can also check what the family status of someone is. You can also see court cases and much other useful information for the person you are interested in! You can even check what is written on the Internet for you – what if you are a criminal according to the information on the Internet?