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Enjoy gorgeous beaches and lots of romance by visiting the ancient city of Nessebar!

Summer season is the most expected time of the year that people who love travels and excursions wait impatiently. When outside is already warm and sun is shining, the opportunities for an exciting holiday abound, as together with that the choice of attractive destinations grows up allowing all holidaymakers to see more beautiful places and destinations. If you can’t wait the summer season to go on holiday, you can spend a pleasant time when outside is spring too! Most summer resorts start welcoming tourists in early May, but in some places you can also find hotels that work year-round offering a full range of services and amenities.

The ancient city of Nessebar is an incredible place where you can enjoy unforgettable vacation throughout the year and which is famous with its romantic environment and magnetic energy! Learn more about Bulgaria Nessebar!

You can visit this lovely city no matter what the season outside is, because any time you go there will feel the impressing energy typical for this holiday destination…


Nessebar is located on a beautiful, small peninsula that is connected to the main land with an isthmus on which is also situated the old windmill – the most characteristic feature of this majestic place!

Right after entering into the city you will see ancient ruins and many historical sites that are renovated and well-preserved until today. All the historical landmarks and cultural heritage make Nessebar for being a holiday destinations number one when it comes to Alternative Tourism and romance… But just like the other bigger summer resorts along the Black Sea coast, this city offers the same attractive tourist packages and excellent conditions for having a fulfilling relaxation and lots of fun – All Inclusive, Spa centers, very good hotels and cozy guesthouses, dynamic night life, great beaches etc.

The biggest advantage to be on a holiday in Nessebar is the chance to enjoy the beauty of amazing sea views, the fairy old houses and lovely establishments where while having a dinner you will be able to watch the magnificent Black Sea! Except all that, have in mind that it is not necessary you to have a big budget to visit Nessebar – everything in the town is at very affordable prices allowing your holiday to be of full value and filled with many unforgettable moments!