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Enjoy a romantic holiday by visiting the beautiful city of Nessebar in Bulgaria!

Do you know that somewhere out there, there is a magical place where you can organize your next summer vacation? If you are a connoisseur of the beauty and have a romantic spirit, then you are on the right place /keep reading :)/… is the travel portal where you will find a lot of information regarding beautiful holiday destinations for your winter or summer vacation.

So, as we have already mentioned a summer holiday, we would like to continue our article in this direction… The city of Nessebar is the place, which is the perfect summer destination, especially when it comes to romance and beauty /This city is one of our favorite holiday destinations too! / … If there is someone you are in love with and who you would like to surprise with an unforgettable and romantic holiday, then consider that by visiting Nessebar, you will make her/him very happy…!!


This amazing city is located in Southeast Bulgaria, as well as is divided into two parts /the Old Town and the New Town/ by an isthmus, while the old windmill between the two towns is the most famous mark of the city! Coming into the ancient part of Nessebar you will see many architectural and impressing landmarks, lots of wooden boats along the sea coast and the famous, small train which is one of the attractions of the city and which the children look forward to get!! Being in the lovely city of Nessebar you can do many interesting things, for sure – from sunbathing to partying in some of the night clubs that are very modern and attractive… Meanwhile, you can take a walk with your beloved one while holding hands among breathtaking atmosphere enjoying the spirit of this place, the incredible, picturesque sunsets over the lovely Black sea and the beauty of the ancient and well-preserved /renovated/ houses surrounding you from all sides!

For your perfect end of the day in Nessebar, you should visit some of the local, cozy restaurants, as many of them are located just front of the sea and reveal wonderful views /it sounds very romantic, right?/… Together with that, while having a wonderful dinner you will enjoy a pleasant live music and delicious seasonal food!

Very interesting is the fact that in the ancient city of Nessebar there are many old churches that can be seen, as well as several museums where you can learn more about the interesting history of this amazing place…