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The ancient city of Sozopol – a place worth be seen!

Hello there!! It is a huge pleasure for us to be with our dear readers again! We from whereintheworld.co.uk love to share with all the fans of holidays and adventures interesting facts related to the tourism and the beautiful places where to go for having an exciting vacation!!

Recently, more and more people are interested in holiday destinations where can be felt the spirit of the past and where you will have the chance to learn lots about the history of the visited place…

In fact, we have very good proposal for you to go in order to have the perfect holiday you’ve always dreamed for… We highly and with most enthusiasm recommend you to visit the ancient city of Sozopol that is located in the country of Bulgaria and is one of the oldest cities in Europe /see more about this destination/! We are very pleased by this city, because being there you can spend an unforgettable time, while its beauty worth to be seen!!


Sozopol is so adorable and impressing that people from all over the world go back there every year in order to enjoy again the fascination and romance of this city…

Being in this lovely holiday destination with your family or beloved one, you will be impressed in the very beginning by the unique atmosphere that will make you fell just like in some fairy tale /old but well-preserved small houses, nice, cobblestone streets, cozy restaurants situated just front of the beautiful sea, breathtaking sunsets and many other things that will inspire you like never before…/.

Well, yes, the romance in the city of Sopozol is the main reason why many couples decide to go for having a lot of romantic moments together. But Sozopol is very desired holiday destination by the families with children too /there are many luxury hotels and restaurants offering great Bulgarian cuisine, as well as cozy quest houses where you can relax while enjoying the varied customer services and kind staff that will makes you feel at home/.

Except this, for the fans of the night life in Sozopol there are at their disposal several very attractive night bars and discos! Having fun till the morning while listening to modern music and drinking awesome cocktails, you will keep many irreplaceable memories for a long time…

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