Summer Destinations

The amazing beach resort of Golden Sands surprise every holidaymaker. See why!

Enjoy a perfect summer holiday at sea and visit Golden Sands resort, Bulgaria that is popular with its plenty of entertainments and attractions, a wide range of hotels and establishments, as well as very good location (only four hours from London and near the sea capital of Bulgaria – the city of Varna)! Bulgaria Golden Sands is the most suitable summer destination for everyone who is looking for recreation and lots of fun. It is also very popular with its crystal clear waters and amazing beaches, as the scorching sun creates the feeling that you’re on some exotic place – it sounds awesome, right?


This wonderful tourist destination is different than the other summer resorts in Bulgaria with the picturesque nature, which you can find when on vacation there… That gives you the chance to have an incredible summer holiday filled with lots of positive energy and moments!

Visit the natural park of “Golden Sands” where you can enjoy the magnificent flora and fauna, as at the center of this place is located the ancient Ladja Monastery dating back to the remote 14th century – this sight worth to be seen, so do not miss the chance to visit it!

After exploring the landmarks in Golden Sands and after a dynamic day at the beach, you can make your evening unforgettable by embarking on a real night adventure in some of the attractive bars or discos of Golden Sands! Having lots of fun and trying the exquisite cocktails offered, you will experience an unforgettable time that will be remembered for a long time…

Do not wait anymore and organize you summer vacation in Golden Sands as soon as possible! We can guarantee that by taking the decision to be on this place during your yearly leave of absent, you will have the best family holiday at sea ever!  Factors that define Golden Sands as one of the most preferred and visited summer destinations are several: wonderful beach, picturesque nature, great hotels and establishments and, of course, many opportunities for having lots of fun!

As the end of our article today we would like wish you to have an unforgettable summer holiday with your family, friend or partner!