Summer Destinations

Visit Sozopol – the historic corner of Europe and one of most romantic summer destinations!

Do you know something about the amazing city of Sozopol in Bulgaria? Did you also know that it is one of the most romantic and inspiring places across the whole Europe? No? Well, do not worry, because it is not possible all people who want to go on holiday to know all the beautiful destinations…

Today we would like pay special attention to the amazing holiday destination that we have already mentioned – the majestic city of Sozopol – learn more!


This romantic and charming with its unique beauty place is located in the southern Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast and is divided into two parts: the Old town and the modern part of the city. That gives you the opportunity for making a choice where to stay regarding your personal preferences – some holidaymakers prefer to be on vacation surrounded by modern buildings, shops and establishments, as some of them need just to be among pleasant and relaxed atmosphere…

That is the reason why Sozopol is much visited summer destination by all kind of tourists: fans of the history and culture, couples in love and people who love to be among dynamic and filled with lots of energy places!

Being in the Old Town of Sozopol, you can book a hotel room in some of the cozy and exceptionally romantic guesthouses or even in private apartments. If you are lucky to find a free hotel room with sea view, then be ready to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises while drinking your morning coffee or evening aperitif!

When on vacation in Sozopol, do not miss the chance to walk on the small, cobblestone streets that are really fabulous and effective. Making a tour of the city you will see many interesting landmarks and wonderful monuments reminding of the ancient past, as well as a big variety of craft shops where you will find handmade jewelry and souvenirs (Take some gifts for your friends and family!).

Without any doubts we can say that Sozopol is a favorite holiday destination for and more people. You can be one of them, so go to this magnificent place and enjoy an unforgettable summer vacation!