Summer Destinations

Croatia – romantic or ancient? Or both of them? See more here!

We have several favorite destinations in Europe that we visit every year and more specially during the summer season… Which they are and what you can find there, will learn by reading our article. Stay here and be up-to-date where the most attractive beach resorts or romantic places are. Our team from wishes you a pleasant reading and lots of positive emotions during your stay in our blog!

Croatia – a land of abounding beauty and a lot of romance… A land that is hiding numerous fairy places for you to go not only when outside is summer, but during the other seasons too! There you will find amazing resorts, ancient cities and romantic spots that will take you into another world and that will take your breath away with its wonderful atmosphere and indescribable beauty…


Places like Dubrovnik, Split or Hvar are more than suitable for your family vacation at sea, while if you want to enjoy picturesque nature, then you surely must visit the Plitvice lakes National Park!

The country of Croatia became very popular destination among the Europeans and the interest in this destination is growing rapidly in the past years… We know very well why this is happening. As we already said, our favorite destinations are several and Croatia is one of them! We have been there many times but nevertheless, we are willing to go there once again!

As a huge fans of the romance and the ancient cities, Croatia is always on the top of our list when it comes to summer, holiday destinations. Every time when we are visiting this amazing land, are feeling incredible and come back home with lots of positive energy and unforgettable memories… And if you want to experience something different and something that you will remember for a lifetime, just like us, go to Croatia even this summer and make happy your beloved ones!

Dubrovnik is the most famous destination in this magnificent country… – But why? – And why this town is more visited than the others in Croatia?

Actually, every city you will find in Croatia is impressing and is hiding many amazing sights. And wherever you go, you will spend a fulfilling vacation and time at the beach… But Dubrovnik is the city that is hiding not only adorable, historical sights, but an ocean of romance too. So, have in mind that if you re dreaming of a holiday with your beloved one, somewhere where the time seems to be stopped, then go to Dubrovnik and enjoy a pleasant stay with your half!