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Whereintheworld.co.uk: Sunny Beach Bulgaria – October destination for nightlife.

The weather is still good in the resort of Sunny Beach Bulgaria and this is one of the best hot spots in whole Europe, where you can party all night. Let’s face it, sunny beach is not the best place to be if you are family of 4-5 with 2-3 kids, the amount of clubs and parties are so loud and noisy, we recommend you to go on vacantion on Sozopol, Nessebar, Varna, Burgas.

One of the best places to be on, when it comes down to party and long night fun is Mexo Bar. We track down a lot of polls in the internet, when we do this article and found out that Mexo Bar is ranked top 3 most of the time. In more than 50% in the polls this bar is ranked in top 1 in Sunny Beach night hot spot place. Bulgaria is a lot of fun, a lot of tourists come to drink cheap alcohol, enjoy nature and beaches. In Mexo bar you can enjoy fire shows, cocktails and very kind staff that you will enjoy.mexo

Guaba Beach Bar is another one Sunny Beach hotspot place. The nightlife is amazing in Sunny Beach, thanks to places like this. This place is famous with his hammochs by the sea and relax atmosphere, whereintheworld.co.uk team visit this place and we enjoy every moment there. After the sun goes down the party starts and you can enjoy the whole thing. Guaba bar is famous with the largest foam party in SB resort. If you love fireworks nad fire shows this is the place to be in our opinion.guaba

Revolution is the last place, that we whereintheworld.co.uk want to present. Typical night disco, cool DJ, a lot of dancing, girls, etc. The main difference here is the volume, this disco is really HUGE! They have more than 900 people capacity! So prepare yourself for ultimate fun with a lot, a lot of people!

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