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Whereintheworld.co.uk: Golden Sands in October, surprise yourself!

Just under 18km from one of the largest city of Bulgaria – Varna is located one of the gems in the sea resorts of Europe. Luxury hotels, nice prices, pretty girls and a lot of activities is the special of your dream Golden Sands holiday.


Whereintheworld.co.uk is determent to find and deliver to you the best places and destinations for you holiday. We may surprise you with this suggest of holiday destination, but we do it so, because Golden Sands is the perfect place to stay, when you want to visit Varna or other major city nearby (Balchik, for example).

Over the past 3-5 years Golden sands made name as one of the best international sunny holidays resort in whole Europe, attracting customers via nice prices, cheap alcohol and cool nightclubbing. If you want more quiet and romantic vacation, we recommend you to visit Golden Sands in October, still great temperature, a lot of people are enjoying the last hot days (in the day we write this article, in Bulgaria is more than 23 degrees cesium!) The water is still warm (water cools down very slow, as you know) so do not hesitate, just visit Bulgarian beach today.

One of the advantages of which October is good time for summer vacation is the prices, they are very, very low. Most of the hotels are offering all – inclusive deals for 4-5 people in prices that are insane! They just want to break – even in winter, they want to keep personal and continue working during the winter, so they offer price that is without margin.

The other thing is that the personal will be all yours, you will be not be ignored, you are very special guests of the hotel – offseason tourists, that fill the gabs, so expect the best service from the all hotels, not only 4-5 stars.

Are you still thinking about it, whereintheworld.co.uk tells you that October Summer holiday is possible, choose Bulgaria – Golden Sands, or Greece, you can enjoy the last hot days there.