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Enjoy the autumn sun and visit Bulgaria!

Autumn is the season of the romantic holidays. All the colorful leaves fallen on the ground we can see, create a special feeling in everyone… It is the season that is famous as the precursor to the winter that we all love! Even that during the autumn months we can’t go to beach (unless we just want to see the sea), this time of year is highly preferred for family vacations and romantic getaways! You will be able to enjoy the rest of the summer season without having the feeling that every moment you will melt from the heat… For the people who hate the heats and who like the cooler months, September and October are the time when it is better for you to organize your yearly vacation whenever it is!

Start your journey from Bulgaria… We always use to say that this land is like a small paradise because of the amazing nature, pleasant climate and friendly people. And just like in a real fairy tale, this enchanting country is hiding numerous breathtaking cities, villages and resorts allowing you to forget about all your problems and worries instantly!! Take advantage of the magic of Bulgaria and go there as soon as possible. Now is the time when you will be able to spend both a typical summer vacation and pleasant relaxation in the mountains of Bulgaria! Enjoy the last sunny rays…

If we have to be more accurate, we are going to recommend you the Bulgarian city of Sozopol! This lovely ancient city is our favorite destination no matter what time of year is: summer, autumn, winter or spring! Being there you can see a lot. From the ancient sights to the stunning Black Sea, everything in Sozopol is as if painted by an artist – so beautiful and so impressing. If you like boats, or romantic sunsets, that is your place. But if you prefer the typical urban setting, forget about Sozopol and go to the city of Burgas or Varna – some of the biggest cities in the country!


Sozopol will capture you in the very beginning. Only when you see the small ancient houses will understand that Sozopol is a special place that definitely worth seeing and not only… You have to explore it. You have to be there as long as possible, because the energy there will make you feel like never before!

How about the hotels in Sozopol? Are they expensive or actually have a good value for money? What to expect regarding the prices before to hit the road to Sozopol? Should we prepare lots of money for our vacation there, or in fact we will be able to manage on 100 pounds for a hotel…?

Actually, in Sozopol is not expensive at all. And yes, you will be able to manage on 100 pounds for an accommodation, while in the same time you will stay in a cozy and very nice room. All the 3 or 4 star hotels are perfect for your family vacation, so to stay in Sozopol with your family will be the best choice you have ever made!

If you love interesting stories about pirates and treasures, go to Golden Sands! There is an amazing legend about this place that reads as follows…

Once upon a time a place that was just like a paradise of the earth. It seemed to be touched by the magic wand of a fairy and many people dreamed of living there… Some of them even wanted to steal something from this place. Like the pirates who was thinking that there are lots of gems until they have seen that actually the real treasure is the sea and the sand with golden color! What a surprise, right :)!!

That is the story of Golden Sands resort… This magical place is stunning and many people think that they will find a real treasure, real gems and a real gold. And yes, they will! The sand is that gold, the nature is that treasure and every single square meter in the resort is like a precious stone… If you watch with your soul, not with the eyes, will findd out that Golden Sonds resort is s small piece of the paradise. – Go and enjoy it!

Now we go back to the romance, as this time will tell you something more not for the lovely city Sozopol (as you probably think), but for the incredible city of Nessebar! – Another place for you to go in case you have romantic soul and more than everything would like to give it the next dose of romantic emotions! – Very lyrical, right ;).

Well, this town is just as amazing as Sozopol. If we have to choose which one to visit, honestly, the choice will be far from difficult. It will be terribly difficult! Both cities are magnificent, but the city of Nessebar has something that Sozopol hasn’t – the old windmill, that is the main sight in the area. It connects the two parts of the city (the old one and the new one), as the isthmus between them will give you the chance to see the sea from both sides while walking on the bridge!


The city of Nessebar is one of the places in Bulgaria declared as a cultural heritage. It is well-preserved over the years, as the locals and not only take care very well for all the historical sites in the city. But you will note that as soon as you enter the city. When you are already in the old town of Nessebar, the first things that will make you impression are the old houses in an ancient style. You can even stay in some of them during your holiday in Nessebar. Many owners are renting rooms in the summer, as this option will be very suitable for you because of the great value of money and the cozy environment! We strongly recommend you to think about this possibility.

Well, finally we would like to say that wherever you go in Bulgaria, your stay will be excellent. Enjoy this land and go there again every time when you have this chance. Every next time you will have lots to see. Do not miss it!!