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ABC Kinde Care – the best preschool education for your child

Do you remember your very first day of kindergarten? All the emotions, excitement and the feeling of a new beginning combined make this day memorable and makes us look forward to going every day. If you have forgotten this day, then you might be reminded of how it feels when it’s time for your own children to embark on this journey themselves. The only difference is that now it’s your task to find the best establishment for them and make sure they have a great and enjoyable time.

Choosing the right preschool is very important, so that you don’t spend time going around several places and changing your mind constantly. The best way to do that is to do a little bit of research as well as see for yourself and get the best idea of the place where your little one will spend their days.

What is the best preschool in Sofia

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There is a high demand of kindergarten spots in the capital of Bulgaria and usually government establishments get filled up quickly. However, a private preschool like kindergarten Sofia – abckinder.org offers not only free spots in their several locations but also an English-speaking team of caregivers and teachers. If you are a foreign citizen, this is a very big advantage for you and your child so they can feel understood, comfortable and have an easier time learning the material at school. Of course, this one thing is not enough to help with your choice of kindergarten. As every parent we want to make sure we choose the best for our little ones and thankfully the information is out there for you to see.

What can you expect from ABC Kinder Care

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As a prestigious private preschool you get a lot for your money here. Since opening their doors in 2008 this team of professional teachers and caregivers has been expanding and improving their knowledge and practice, by welcoming children from all over the world and opening facilities at several locations around Sofia. By now they know exactly how to treat every special member that comes their way and make an inviting and diverse atmosphere so the children can feel right at home. They can also offer you:

  • A family of teachers, parents and children, that is always understanding and caring;
  • The best preschool education for your child, preparing them for the future steps in elementary and secondary school;
  • Modern facilities with countless activities, both indoor and outdoor to help with entertainment and skill development;
  • A warm and comfortable environment so you can be sure your little one is always cared for and accommodated;
  • Socialization of your daughter or son with their agemates as well as other adults, which helps them understand the surrounding world and communicate with people of all ages;
  • A place to make many memories and lifelong friends.

How can you become a member

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If you have chosen this place as your child’s preschool then applying is the easy part. You can fill out the online registration form to answer all the needed questions. Once that is submitted you can book a meeting with the headmaster to talk about the details and look around the facilities. You can also choose your payment plan and talk about visitation hours. If you select a full day attendance you can pay in:

  • Four installments of €1840;
  • Two installments of €3620;
  • One annual payment of €7100.

If you only want to pay for half day attendance you can only pay four installments of €1280. All sums can be paid in advance and are in euros. Once you have settled all the documents and have all the information you need, you can choose a starting date for your little one’s first day at kindergarten.

ABC Kinde Care will make sure to give your child the best experience and always make them feel welcome and looking forward to stepping through their doors every morning.