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Summer holidays in Dubrovnik? See why you should go there!

Summer holidays are our favorite topic and we daily write about them with the greatest pleasure! We love to travel and together with that to explore new places and unknown destinations. And when we have collected new impressions and exciting emotions, have no patience to share them with you – our dear readers! Stay here and get inspired – today we have something really interesting for you!

Trip to Dubrovnik – the best option for you to spend an unforgettable summer vacation. The most suitable place for everyone who is keen on romantic vacations and who would like to see the beauty of the world… This city is so amazing that if you have not been there before, have to do it even in the beginning of this summer season! If you are interested to learn more about this holiday destination, do not leave this page!

As you know, Dubrovnik is located in the lovely country of Croatia, while the Adriatic is only a small part of all the beauty that can be seen there… This land has lots of impressing towns and sights, so that wherever you go, your family vacation will be perfect!


Since today we have decided to pay attention to the city of Dubrovnik, will tell you some interesting facts about this place and in the end, you will be convinced that your yearly vacation has to be in this city… Do not believe us? – Well, just keep reading!

Dubrovnik is well-known around the world for its historical and cultural landmarks. There you can touch the distant past by sightseeing and by walking along the streets of the town. Except the city walls (that are one of the most famous attraction), in Dubrovnik you will find many other impressing sights that will take you into another world… Go to the main street of Stradun that millions of people visit in order to enjoy the gorgeous buildings and the pleasant atmosphere. Take a long walk around this area and do not forget to bring your camera!

In Dubrovnik and near the city, there are many fortresses that are hundreds of years old. They are well-preserved till today and currently are visited by tourists from all over the world! Be one of the holidaymakers who had the pleasure to see these unique buildings and feel the spirit of the distant past – it is really interesting!

Restaurants in Dubrovnik are just as attractive as the city sights… There you can not only try the local food, but to share with your beloved one many romantic moments too. If you are on romantic holiday and need to spend an unforgettable time with your half, visit after sunset some of the coastal restaurants in Dubrovnik and have a pleasant dinner with your loved one!!

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