Summer Destinations

Get inspired and visit Bulgaria – a land of roses and romance!

The country of Bulgaria is a magical place… It has amazing nature and lots of impressing sights for you to see. There you can enjoy the pleasant climate around the Black Sea coast and the picturesque forests in some of the lovely mountains! Bulgaria is a very popular tourist destination, so probably you know it from your friends or even have been there in the past. If you actually have already visited this land, you know very well what to expect. But in case you had no the luck to go there till now, stay here and see what you can find in Bulgaria and more especially where you can spend your early summer vacation!!


Starting with the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria, we would like to point out that this place is the most attractive sea destination in Europe too. Every holidaymaker who has been there for some reason knows what a dynamic and different place is that – meet Sunny Beach resort!

This incredible sea destination welcomes millions of tourists who want to feel the spirit of the summer and who need both relaxation and having fun. Due to the low prices you will find in Sunny Beach, every family vacation can be perfect, for a long time and, of course, for less. The hotels, the restaurants and the night clubs make Sunny Beach for being on the top of the rankings for nice summer resorts and that is completely deserved! Enjoy the amazing Black Sea coast and spend your summer break in Summer Beach – you won’t regret!

Looking for romantic place where to take your beloved one for a week? Need to spend an unforgettable time in private with the person who you love… Or are willing to surprise her/him for your anniversary? – Well, there isn’t more suitable place to do all that than the city of Nessebar, Bulgaria! Romantic, cozy and ancient – this is Nessebar and you have to see it… When on holiday there, you will be highly impressed by all the remarkable sights and all the beauty around you. This town is not only one of the oldest in Bulgaria, but in Europe as well. The ancient houses, the cobblestone streets and the incredible atmosphere will remind you of the past, as all the sights and buildings are well-preserved till today expecting you to see them!

Take more time to enjoy this fairy town… We are sure that once when you arrive there, will fall in love with Nessebar – on the minute, on the second!