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Skiing in Bulgaria will be the greatest adventure of the year for you and your family!

Good evening to all the holiday lovers who are here hoping to find interesting information about tourist destinations which to visit! Definitely you are on the right place, because our blog is one of these places where everybody can be informed about the attractive and popular tourist destinations in Europe. This time, we would […]

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Organize your summer or winter holiday in the unique country of Bulgaria!Read this!

If you want to go on a holiday and need to escape from the usually routine, it is not important if outside is cold winter or hot summer, because everybody who is enthusiastic to experience new adventures will find the right place for its so desired and long-awaited vacation… However, we are completely convinced that […]

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Bulgaria – the country where you will find all the conditions for your fulfilling holiday!

Everyone needs to go to some beautiful place where to spend a fulfilling time far from the daily routine and problems. Everyone should get away from time to time away from the monotonous life in the big city, in order to relax in some wonderful and different place… This place can be the lovely country […]

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Experience your fairy tale by visiting Romania!

All we need is… travelling? Yes, yes and again yes! I am absolutely convinced of the meaning of these words, because as a big fan of adventures and exploration of new places, I know what the feeling when I travel is. Everybody knows that the places you can go are really various, but it can […]

Winter Destinations

The perfect combination between fun, recreation, romance and sports – Welcome to Borovets!

Hello to all of you holiday enthusiasts and more specifically fans of the winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing. If you would like to enjoy the perfect combination between fun, recreation, romance and sports, then you are more than welcome to visit Borovets winter resort in the beautiful country of Bulgaria Located […]

Winter Destinations

Skiing in Bansko is the best Value Winter Holiday in 2016/2017. – part two!

In our part one we discover the best value winter holiday for season 2016/2017. See here, now we will continue with this topic, because we had a lot of questions in our e-mail box, so let’s what you asked us! According to the independent research by TripIndex conducted last year, definitely the trip for Ski […]

Winter Destinations

Make your dream winter holiday a reality by visiting Bulgaria!

Most people associate the winter season with long, boring, cold days and with the impossibility to have fun like in the summer. In fact, you can have a great time during the winter months, as well as see how wonderful nature can be, covered up with fluffy snow. Winter is strikingly beautiful and being in […]

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Lots of fun, ski adventures and dynamic night life – Yes, this is the attractice Pamporovo resort!

Lots of fun, ski adventures, dynamic night life and many other factors make Pamporovo resort so desirable destination by the tourists from all over the world. Located in the Bulgarian Rodopi mountain, at 1926m elevation above sea level, Pamporovo is the biggest resort in this area. If you have not been there before, but you […]

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Skiing in Bansko is the best Value Winter Holiday in 2016/2017.

The Bulgarian city of Bansko provides the best conditions, resources and potential for realization of a ski vacantion to the guests from UK. Pursuant to the yearly Trip Advisor the beautiful resort is rated as а desirable and preffered destination number one for a mountain tourism, as this classification is based on the survey of […]

Winter Destinations

Bulgaria is one of the most attractive and desirable winter destination

Over the past years Bulgaria is ranked as one of the most attractive and desirable destinations as regard to mountain tourism and winter sports. On the territory of our country are divided and developed excellent ski resorts, offering very good conditions for recreation and relaxation. 210 km is the total length of the ski slopes […]